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More Mile Supreme 7cm Spikey Massage Ball

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The More Mile Supreme 7cm Spikey Massage Ballis the perfect self-massage tool. Ideal for releasing tension in tight and uncomfortable muscles. Simply apply in a circular motion for a firm massage that can help to release toxins and improve circulation.

The Supreme Spikey Massage Ball can reduce muscular tension by boosting blood supply, which in turn encourages the healing process. Simply use your hand to move in circular motions on tight areas of the body. You can also place the ball between yourself and a wall and move from side to side or up and down to massage tight back muscles. Tired feet? The Supreme Spikey Massage Ball is ideal for foot massage. Simply sit on a chair and roll the soles of your feet over the ball on the floor.

Ideal when used with our range of foam rollers and other self-massage tools!


Ideal self-massage tool
Lightweight and portable
Nodules stimulate muscles and ease tension
Improve circulation to aid healing
Size: 7cm