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A plethora of benefits

Whether it’s cycling, mountain biking or running, we've got the glasses which give it all.

Wraparound Frames

So what exactly are the advantages of wraparound frames?

They provide a number of different advantages to wearers. Firstly, they give you the chance to enjoy the maximum peripheral vision, with reduced obstruction.

This is key for moving safely. Wraparounds also offer protection from the elements including the wind and these lenses that stretch over the eyebrow are great for the perfect vision. 

Ultimate Protection

One of the main benefits of wearing sunglasses for cycling is the fact that they offer the ultimate protection.

It's vital, as they will keep those nasty UVA/UVB at bay. This is essential for those who want to take to the roads chasing success.

Summer is often the most trying time for outdoor sporting enthusiasts. The sun coupled with the elements such as dust, it can prove to be a tricky period. UV rays have been attributed to a wealth of eye related disorders. Investing in these excellent quality shades is certainly the way to go. They will not only reduce glare dramatically but enhance your performance on tricky paths and tracks.

Wave goodbye to dirt and debris and say hello to enjoying those outdoor sports. 

See clearly.

Wearing sunglasses will improve your visibility. It means you can see the terrain clearly and in greater detail when on the move. 

With sunglasses, you can benefit from numerous effects that may make the smallest improvement.
Cyclists, mountain bikers and runners look for these small details in order to give them a little extra. For example, grey lenses found in our UV400 sunglasses are very popular and can emit all manner of colours without any effect. 

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