All you need to know about the New Garmin Watches

All you need to know about the New Garmin Watches

It's been some time since the release of the new Garmin Forerunner watches, so we thought it was time for a quick roundup of the pro's and cons of all the watches.

Forerunner 45 - £169.99

Looking for value for money? Meet the Garmin Forerunner 45, an outstanding running watch. For what you pay you'll find it hard to get the same value anywhere else. Its a great benchmark for what should be the baseline standard running watch.


  • Lightweight

  • Good value

  • Music controls


  • Limited sport profiles

  • Plastic-heavy build

  • No real swim tracking

Read more and check out the colour options

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Forerunner 245 - £249.99/299.99

We used to hear it all the time, "the forerunner 235 is the best running watch". NOW meet The Forerunner 245.

When people look for an all round running watch this is what they are thinking of, all the features, all the tech and much much more. 

The amount of people who have come to us to part-ex

their old 235 towards one of these batboys we're surprised the stock is holding up!

This truly is the new 235, but in a whole new way its got all the mod cons and a solid updated exterior to do the job.


  • Features - all you need for running and more

  • SPOTIFY, Deezer & more.

  • GARMIN CONNECT app and sports platform

  • Excellent free apps 

  • Free Garmin Coach 

  • Insights for all athletes

  • Links to many sports sensors and sports platforms like STRAVA & MyFitnessPal


  • Price - There are alternatives which lack a few of the above features - but unless you're going for something specific the Forerunner 245 is the one for you.

Read more and check out the colour options 

Read more and check out the colour options (Music)

Forerunner 945 - £519.99

Remember the Fenix 5? This is it, but juiced up and in a comfy plastic shell with a tasty discount on the price too!

This watch is more advanced than the likes of the Fenix 5 Plus. Thats right. 

The 935 and 945 are practically different watches with more in-depth training load analysis, as well as new navigation and smart features. The list goes on with full-colour maps and create routes on the go, contactless payments and space for music. It can also be synced with a Spotify Premium account to update your playlists wirelessly. Speechless.


  • Stunning number of features in a watch form factor

  • Vast amount of customisation

  • Long battery life

  • Just over half the weight of a Fenix 5 Plus

  • Offline music support


  • If you're comparing it directly to the 935 then price is the only factor. (But given its plethora of features we think it's worth the upgrade).


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