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For most training plans these days conditioning of any kind doesn't seem to be included. This doesn't mean they shouldn't be considered. So in this blog we've collected a few great conditioning exercises to get you going in just 10-15 minutes of your day. These additional exercises are based on the idea that these muscles are used in an explosive manner when training hill reps or sprints and will aid in conjunction with these conditioning exercises. These aren't your standard gym exercises like benching or barbell curls either these are the best conditioning exercises for runners.   Planks: First thing,...

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There are so many variables to running already, distance, time, shoes and even the surface you run on. But what about your running form? Running with bad form can be the cause of no end of problems and injury's so it's important to take note of how you run. 

So in this blog we will be exploring the causes of running with bad form and what that can lead to.

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Seems like a bit of broad question. However its one that I have been asked quite a lot recently.

Not that I'm considered an expert but I have some experience under my belt.

Now theres lots of ways to actually do a cardio work out from HIIT, skipping, sprints etc the list goes on. 

But in reality theres nothing quite like hill training to improve your cardio ability.

Heres some reasons why it helps so much:

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Is running better than going to the gym?

Broad question, we know! But with gyms reopening this week its time to ask the question of which keeps you healthier.

We've compiled 5 top reasons we think that running is more beneficial than going to the gym when keeping healthy is the focus.

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Getting your shoes right is essential when it comes to improving your performance. It always feels easier to run when your shoes are comfy right?

Long distances are demanding on your body in a lot of ways so keeping your feet in a good pair of trainers will grant them the support they need. 

If you're a new runner make sure you get informed about the types of footwear and why it is important to wear the right ones when running. 

To help with this topic we are putting the spotlight on how shoes can affect your running.

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