5 Reasons Running is better than going to the Gym

5 Reasons Running is better than going to the Gym

Is running better than going to the gym?

Broad question, we know! But with gyms reopening this week its time to ask the question of which keeps you healthier.

We've compiled 5 top reasons we think that running is more beneficial than going to the gym when keeping healthy is the focus.

1. Joining a gym can be costly

When you run, you don't have to pay anybody. Whereas gyms can be expensive to join and to pay every month just to stay fit and healthy doesn't suit everyone.

Want to go for a run? Just pop on your running shoes and get out there.

Obviously there are costs to get equipped properly but you can pick up decent running shoes for £30 upwards.

2. Running is an isolated sport 

With everything thats going on at the moment keeping your space from people is pretty important.

In a gym you're already in a confined space. Some gyms are really going the extra mile trying to get the 2m between every person in the gym but that doesn't guarantee you're safety.

Running on the other hand, you're out in the fresh air. If you see someone coming towards you 9/10 times its easy enough to move out the way or go a different route. 

3. Loosing and maintaining weight is more consistent 

Exercise of any kind is beneficial when trying to loose weight, but running is one of the most effective.

In a 2012 study, Paul Williams, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, found runners were leaner and lighter than men and women who did equal amounts of any other type of exercise.

The study also found that people generally burn more calories per minute when running than they do any other exercise. 

So long as you stay at a calorie deficit the weight will begin to chip away.


4. Running is one of the most natural movements 

Like anything else doing it in excess running can cause problems.

Our ancestors were built to run short distances to escape danger and retain food until the next time they were able to hunt, gather and eat.

So when you look at our own physiology we're also not built to do the extremes that we put ourselves through these days.

But if its whats keeping the weight off in our currently life style and culture of sit down jobs then needs must. As we don't live in the same climate where food is scarce. In fact food is shoved in front of our eyes every day so the battle to keep the weight off becomes more and more important.


5. Not just good for your body, but good for your mind too

We live in a very stressful world. Full of pressure deadlines and unbelievable expectations. Running helps control this stress and can improve our ability to deal with existing mental tension. Running has also been shown to increase concentrations of norepinephrine, which helps regulate the brains reactions to stress.


To conclude?

Running is great theres no doubt about it. However like everything else do it in moderation, like food don't eat the same food all the time, have a balanced diet.

There are cases for HIIT style workouts that do wonders for our hearts and lifting heavy can increase calories burnt in a short amount of time and keeps them burning through the day. 

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