How badly can your shoes affect your performance?

How badly can your shoes affect your performance?


Getting your shoes right is essential when it comes to improving your performance. It always feels easier to run when your shoes are comfy right?

Long distances are demanding on your body in a lot of ways so keeping your feet in a good pair of trainers will grant them the support they need. 

If you're a new runner make sure you get informed about the types of footwear and why it is important to wear the right ones when running. 

To help with this topic we are putting the spotlight on how shoes can affect your running.


Can shoes give you too much protection?

So your day to day shoes do a pretty good job of protecting your feet from the tough concrete, you're trainers actually provide above and beyond this normal comfort to push you through continual running.

Most running shoes these days are made with shock absorbing technology and running shoes specifically have a softer midsole to aid with stability. 

However when you're picking your shoes or even just checking your current ones mid sole support is critical, it wears of fast meaning spending your hard earned cash sooner. 

Your shoes are there to disperse your weight over a greater surface area so the impact doesn't shock through your body causing injury. So picking the right shoes can prevent injury as much as protecting your from it too.

People have feet of all different shapes and sizes


At your running club, park run or online running community you've probably often heard the term arches, whether thats high arches or low arches. These can be problematic when it comes to running over long distances. 

People with low arches typically have an ankle that rolls inwards when running due to a lack of support, this is known as over-donation and comes from having "flat feet". This can cause issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis and shinsplints. 

On the flip side people with high arches, who's issue is described as supination also need footwear with sufficient support. A you can imagine if your arch is too high it pushes you to the outside of your foot and means your ankle and knee roll outwards. This puts pressure on the ligaments and bones. 

Is it all in the mind? 

When you're wearing better fitting shoes with added comfort it subconsciously makes you want to run. You get the itch and need to get out and feel that difference between old and new.

Not just that, but it can also improve your endurance and consistency, you will also begin to notice increases in your performance and pace over longer distances as it can increase your stride. 

So how do you choose the right shoes for you?


Out there somewhere are your shoe soul mates. Luckily with tech being as good as it is it doesn't take much to find them for you.

Get a pair that fit your right size and resolves any arch issues and you'll soon be flying. 

Most shoe stores offer different fits too, narrow or fit after all we are all different. 

Like anything else sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your match so head down to your running shoe shop and try some on, some even have a gait analysis they can provide which will give you a greater insight into the right match for you. 

Thats all from us for this week!

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